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Originally Posted by corsair23 View Post
Dang....Fingers crossed folks

Is it just me or does it seem stupid, yeah stupid, that the minute they get a report of a fire like this that the don't immediately fire up a couple tankers etc to go try to douse the thing? If I understand it correctly the fire started Tuesday early afternoon but it wasn't until Wednesday late morning, almost noon, before they started air support. WTF? If you catch it when it is small, maybe one or two passes by those big boys and it is out, or at least somewhat beaten down.

I'm pretty sure the tankers were in Colorado ready to go...We were at Ft Logan yesterday for soccer and it was pretty much constant tanker flybys heading to and from the fire....
Yeah, I'm with you on this. It's not like we're going to have a summer up here without a fire for awhile. SO, since it's a "when" and not an "if", it seems like there should be massive resources on standby, ready to execute an aggressive response in the first critical hours after the first reports.
But, all that costs a lot of money.
But it does seem like if there were a large fleet of tankers or "slushy bombers" on standby all summer long, there could be six or seven of them deployed immediately to hit the fire hard while it's still "small". If there's a twenty or thirty acre fire it would seem like a fast overwhelming response would be well worth the money to put it out fast.
Now, I'm no expert on fire fighting. But it does seem like these things keep coming as a surprise that leaves everyone scrambling to muster resources from all over the place. Seems like there should be "Fire Fighting Air-Bases" up and down the state. Or a fire fighter squadron at the air-force base in the springs.
Now, I'm not trying to be critical of anyone. I know that those fire fighters out there are busting their asses to get these things under control. I'm just saying that perhaps it's time to start rethinking how we look at this problem. And there may be some things that I don't know about. But it does seem like it's inevitable and unavoidable.
My thoughts and prayers go out to the people effected by this. It's unimaginable the feelings that they must be going through.
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