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Originally Posted by Rzeppa View Post
We visited Georgetown today and I asked the attendant at the visitor center whether the Saxon Mountain road had been re-opened after last year's rock slide. .
Last fall I did a solo trip up Spring Creek and came down Saxon mountain not knowing that there was a landslide. Let me clarify, I'm pretty sure that I came down Saxon Mountain - I'm just starting to get to know the country. The road I came down from Saxon mountain is all switchbacks and drops you into Georgetown. There was a landslide at the top which was passable though with a pucker factor in the 9 range without a spotter. I don't have a pic of the landslide which is just out of view to the left but this is the road that I went down which took me straight into Georgetown.

Right now I'm planning on making the run with you guys and I'm really excited about it
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