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Speaking of global vehicles, Mercedes continues to produce the G Wagen here in the US despite it's boxy looks, high center of gravity and relatively poor on-road manners.

Fully equipped with rigid front and rear axles, center, front and rear locking differentials, and a coil sprung suspension, it's really a great platform for off road travel. But at $113k, it's a bit out of reach for you and me until it has passed through several owners' hands. But Mercedes continues to produce these trucks and import them into the US market as a niche vehicle.

I like this lady's review. She is very cautious not to say anything too negative because it's a Mercedes, and after all most US elitists are enamored by the Mercedes brand. Similar reviews of the 200 series always get pointedly negative feedback about the "truck parts" of the vehicle.

Unfortunately the US market doesn't feel the same way about the Toyota brand like they do with Mercedes, so a $75000 70 series won't have the same appeal, especially without all the Mercedes finishing touches. Maybe Toyota should produce a Lexus version, improve some of the exterior styling, and sell a 70 series Lexus for $100k to compete with the G Wagen?
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