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Well... you certainly politicized it about as much as could be done. Of equal concern is Federal funding and USFS funding, the state cannot bear all the burden. Small government has its merits... but in this area I would prefer big government.

A coworker was in Denver on Tuesday and got the reverse 911. She got the EVAC NOW!!!! reverse 911 on the train hurrying south to parking. Her husband grabbed what he could and bugged out ASAP.

She found out yesterday, total loss. Chickens and one cat that refused to be caught are lost.

I'm working remote, thankfully I have a boss who doesn't want to see a repeat of what happened with my coworker. Several fires in the area, one lightning, one human caused, thankfully far enough away. It takes NO time to blow up under these conditions.

We were in St. Louis when the fire broke out up here more than a week ago, and kinda freaked - mandatory evac less than a mile from our house. Stuff is stuff, but we have 10 animals to evac too.

When they found that couple in Black Forest, they were in the garage with car doors open and car packed. They had called a friend at 4:20PM, saw a glow over the hill and said they were leaving. Called again at 5:00PM, friend heard popping and cracking in the background. Last call made.

We are gonna practice an emergency load up and time everything. Come up with a list like Drew's with a decision tree, worst case seconds to get out, best case pre-evac.

I saw pics of evac'd horses with phone numbers painted on their side. Hadn't thought of that, good idea. Especially if you only have time to turn them loose on their own.
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