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I keep one eye on at all times for just that reason. Folks monitor the scanners and post up immediately, in a separate forum, no chit-chat, just real and official info.

Originally Posted by subzali View Post
A dilemma for land managers:
-Regular fires are good for thinning out forests and preventing overgrowth.
-People don't like fires.
-A history of subduing fires has caused excessive overgrowth to the extent that fires today burn hotter, faster, and are more destructive than historical fires.
-People live in forested and grassy plains areas where fire fighting resources are not readily available.
-Changing climate is having a terrible and measurable impact, whether drought, flooding, warming, even cooling... former normals are no longer normal. While we may 'return to mean', if that mean is actually a slope, and it appears to be, the return to mean will be a new normal in flux. The costs will be extreme, and felt by everyone.

This fire is truly heartbreaking
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