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We got a little rain this afternoon, I hope some touched down in BF. I have 3 friends that have had total loss, add that to my 9 friends last year and that's a lot of folks having their world turned up side down. One couple who lost it all last summer moved to BF and is currently evac'd waiting to hear what list they are on... sad.

IMHO, the response this year was awesome, the gov' had a tier one team in place in 1 day! That's fast if you ask me. It's not faster than fire moving through treetops but it IS fast. I heard first reported call on Tuesday and the fire was already at 15 acres... in 30mph sustained winds and upper 90 degree temps.

The spokesman on the news talked about how they will win the war once the fire meets a road and or grass, they talked about how it is nearly impossible to stop it raging once it is in the canopy of trees.

God bless the firefighters... these folks are TOUGH!
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