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Originally Posted by WyoOtto View Post
Last fall I did a solo trip up Spring Creek and came down Saxon mountain not knowing that there was a landslide. Let me clarify, I'm pretty sure that I came down Saxon Mountain - I'm just starting to get to know the country. The road I came down from Saxon mountain is all switchbacks and drops you into Georgetown. There was a landslide at the top which was passable though with a pucker factor in the 9 range without a spotter. I don't have a pic of the landslide which is just out of view to the left but this is the road that I went down which took me straight into Georgetown.

Right now I'm planning on making the run with you guys and I'm really excited about it
That is indeed the route down Saxon Mountain. I think we'll probably go back via 103 anyway, that'll circumvent whatever Sunday afternoon traffic jam there is on I-70 anyway. Unfortunately there won't be any way to avoid the twin tunnel mess, let's just hope it isn't too much of a delay. The alternative would be to take 103 all the way over Echo Lake back in to Evergreen. It is nice scenic drive, and while it may not save a lot of time, at least we'd be moving instead of stuck in stop and go traffic on the interstate.
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