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Default Emergency Packing List

There's been a lot of talk on this in the Black Forest Fire thread. Thought it might be interesting to see what people have on their list of stuff to take in an emergency. Here's ours (in order of priority):

-The dog
-Fishing rods on wall (family heirlooms)
-Backup disk (backs up our computers every hour)
(I also bring a copy of our hard-drives to work every few months. All our pics are on these disks)
-Passports (just about the only physical documents we have that would be hard to replace)
-Clothes for a week
-Laptop and iPad
-Dog food
-Books in living room (some more family heirlooms)
-Gas cans and guns (if more than a local emergency and needing to leave)
-Camping gear
-Beer cellar (We usually have about a dozen bottles of big beers that we are aging)

For us, the dog is an absolute must (like you are going to have to shoot me to keep me from getting to my house if my dog is still in there). The next 2 are really high priority, and then all things that would make life easier until we can get back to the house.
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