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Search "Bug out Bag" or "Get home bag" on YouTube... then pop some popcorn and enjoy. There is a huge community of "preppers" out there and a lot of good information to sort through. A really broad simple breakdown would be:

Level One: What do you keep on you at all times that could help in the event of a disaster... keys, phone, cash, flashlight, pocketknife, emergency numbers, family rally point... etc.

Level two: A "BOB" that allows you to grab one backpack/duffel with prepacked items in it ready to go. Ours is loaded for the family for about 2 weeks of comfort if we need to bunk up with friends. Its loaded with old stuff we don't miss as it is dedicated to our "go bag". I also carry a backpack filled with essential things that I think I would need to "get home" in the event of some catastrophic event. It lives in my vehicle 24/7.

Level Three: You are at home, you have some time, and you have a punch list of what to take depending on what's happening. I have some friends here who after last summer have "fire bins" with lists taped to the lids to help them pack in a hurry if it can't be dedicated to the bin. Valuables, significant items, gear for living out of your home. If you have to grab this stuff, things have gone horribly wrong.

There is a TON of info out there for "preppers" and its pretty eye opening. I am not preparing for the end of the world zombie Apocalypse, but some common sense and a few items on hand can get you through a lot different scenario's like an extended power outage, natural disaster, or some sort of civil unrest/collapse.

Last year, I don't think I knew anything about "prepping" but since the fire last year and a scramble to pack up and leave, I have (along with LOTS of people in the Springs) wised up and put a few things in order. I was impressed how some of my friends were ready to go on Tuesday at 2:00pm... one half hour after the blaze was reported.
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