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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
Yeah, it's pretty hard to separate signal from noise on "prepping". Most of them seem to think total economic collapse is imminent... And most of the prepping is about guns... Good luck eating your gun powder.

That said, I do keep a backpack in the truck that has the basics of what I'd need to get home from anywhere I'm likely to drive (stove, couple extra layers of clothes, food, metal water bottle, map, compass, bic lighter, etc.). My pack weighs about 8 pounds. Most of the "preppers" have 100 pound rucks w/ 400 rounds of ammo, bolt cutters, night vision goggles, gas mask, and all kinds of other crazy stuff. They've clearly not done a lot of backpacking, or probably even camping.
You are miles ahead of most folks then Keith! Yeah, lots of people are preparing for alien invasions and zombie take overs, but there is some good stuff if you are willing to sort through it. There is a guy named scootch that I like, and sensible prepper. I sometimes watch a whole vid just to catch one little nugget of advice.
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