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Default Should I Sell our 98 100LC with 230k

I seem to not have the time to completely restore to the best shape our 100. To many things on the plate now in our life to do. I have been using this car as a daily driver until I picked up a Jetta Tdi for the daily. I also need a pickup for work so there really isn't room for the LC. I was thinking of storing it some where and when my daughter gets her Drivers license down the road we have a vehicle that's some what safe with 4wd.

The LC has faded paint on the front corner panel. Not bad but I notice it enough. The leather is showing wear. Rear stock bumper has a ding in it. The car is fully stock and runs great. We have one going to college this year with an auto on our policy etc. You get the picture. And if we did sell it ,what's it worth. This has been a great CO vehicle and runs like a top. Hate to move it from our life but it may be time. We are the second owners. The car was purchased years ago with 35 K on it. It's been our family vehicle and I was hoping to turn it into a great off road weekender .

Suggestions would be appreciated.
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