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Barbour Fork gate is open. However, I'm a little concerned with being up there for a meeting/camping/trail run on the eve of July 4th. My concern is that it's a popular shooting area, the lower camping area can get pretty crowded. I'd hate to be up there trying to have a meeting while others are sending live rounds down range. It's a popular shooting area. I'm all about responsible plinking..... but others might not be. Then again, that open area is pretty large, and I'm sure we could find a safe spot....

I love the idea of getting out for a meeting. But, if there are potential new members who come up to see what Rising Sun is about and there is some rif-raf tearing the area up, it could scare them away. The Jack-it and Recovery meetings were in a very controlled environment, a meeting on the trail might not be.

My suggestion is that if we're doing this on July 3rd, we hold the meeting prior to the run in an easy to access location. Then, after business is conducted we could make the run. Obviously, an earlier start time would help, but running in the dark would be fun too. Or, a small meeting around the campfire after the run, but attendance would probably be minimal at that point.
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