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Originally Posted by Rzeppa View Post
Okay. In that case, I would just drive 'em until something broke or wore out.
Well that would be the fewest moves!

The knuckles on the Pig are weeping, and I do wonder if Ben (or whomever) centered the passenger side knuckle when he installed the Aqualu steering arm.

When I pull the spare '74 housing apart I should be able to put those steering arms on the '76 knuckles w/o issue, correct?

Anyone know what that blue-ish color gear oil in the front might be? I am guessing some kind of synthetic.
It does not look like ARB is too particular about gear oil, as long as it does not have additives for LSD in it (Mobil1):
I figure it has been in there since Ben rolled his Pig, and it will have to get drained anyway when I pull the ARB out...

Anoyone have a favorite oil for ARB?

When I do put the original front 3rd back in Pig, that will be a good time to put the long-body ASCO lockouts on.

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