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Default Fathers Day Run 2013

Thanks to Jeff for leading this. I had a good time with my Dad and kids. The trail was a bit of a beater. My under carriage and sliders got a workout. I'm glad my control arms, mounts and skids were aftermarket and beefed up. A few others were not so lucky and took various damage. There were about 8 of us. With about about half new to RS. They all had great attitudes, a good time and learned a lot. We had 2 other 3rd gen runners with us and another one behind us in another group. So that was rare and kinda cool for me.

As Breckrider60 (Christian) was driving by me I noticed his tie rod bolt was loose and bent. Randy helped complete a trail repair for him. Glad Randy had a spare heim joint and bolts. A few others had some other issues. So we didn't finish till about 5pm. I70 was was a non issue coming home. What I would consider normal for a Sunday. I got no pics. Someone please help me on that.
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