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Originally Posted by FJCDan View Post
What is going on. we sure have had alot of trucks stolen. Hope you can find it. Sounds like like you were targeted. Those are popular since it was the 1st gen 4runner with solid front axel.
I don't think I was targeted, just saying referring to this post, that if I were targeted, anybody else could be too, so we should all take precautions before its too late. Nothing would lead them to Water World that I have posted, they could've found my work or home and then followed it to WW. A long shot, I know.

Any help from Water World security, parking lot camera footage, etc.? What did the cops say? Sucks all around and reminds me I need to add some anti-theft measures to my son's 4Runner before I give it back to him after all the work I'm doing to it.
The police came to WW. I made a report. All the employees I talked to said they never had any vehicles stolen from there in their memory. They are going to review surveillance, supposedly, but they don't expect to find anything usefull unless they get a tag off a vehicle dropping the thief off.

Do you know how your truck was taken? Keys left inside? Window broken? Doors unlocked? Towed away?
Truck was locked. No broken glass anywhere. Jenni still has the keys so either they had one too, or they broke the ignition.

FWIW, if it were a scam, I'm more suspect of Craigslist and the alemeda & federal neighborhood I bought it in.

...and it really bums me out.
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