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Originally Posted by spectre6000 View Post
Please elaborate. My wife and I talked about it a while back and it didn't seem a viable replacement.
We have a $40 digital antenna for local channels. Rarely watch it, but I do watch the Bronco games in the fall, and it's full HD. Our kids have a few shows they like, all of which are on demand through Netflix. We have one Netflix account that can be accessed from either of our phones, either of our ipads, our Apple TV, our Blueray player, and our Xbox. Even simultaneously, watching different things.. . for $10/month. What's interesting is that since it's more of an event to watch something, it almost never comes up- our TV upstairs is inside a closed armoir, and even our kids go weeks on end now without asking to watch something.

We also have a Hulu account for more current TV. I literally only care about one show- wife watches about 2-3, and we watch that almost exclusively on the ipad from bed. Usually on the bed, while we fold laundry.

Only downside is the Nuggets are on Altitude, so there's no basketball in our house. I used to like watching basketball, but it's sorta just lived without me for the last few years, don't really miss it. Once our kids are older and more independent, maybe I'll get back into professional sports again but for now it's almost not even on the radar.

Finally, we pay Pandora $4/month for no commercials, and run that in the house probably 4 hours/day- it's what we turn on when we get home, and it stays on until we go to bed. Again one account for multiple phones & devices even at the same time. Can't believe we used to pay $80 for tv..
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