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Originally Posted by AxleIke View Post
So, what does this apple TV cost monthly? We ditched cable years ago, but have just had Netflix, nothing else. And, is it just a way to watch interwebs on your TV? As in, no different than hooking up a computer to the TV?

I'm intrigued.
Apple TV and Roku cost upfront for the box itself, not sure about Apple but figure about $75 or $100 for a current Roku. That is a one time expense for the hardware and it sits on your WiFi as another device.

The content varies. YouTube is free, just like the Interwebs. If you already have Netflix you can add streaming for I think about $7 per month then you get access to whatever they have available. That can be played on the box, your computer or iPad.

Other things vary. We have Amazon Prime, which is $79 per year and includes streaming of about 400 movies and TV, not super extensive but alright. Amazon Prime is nice because you get 2 day shipping for free for the whole year on most everything and they offer cheap shipping upgrade to overnight. In fact I bought a trailer hitch for our Taco from Amazon and they shipped that monster, all 42 lbs of it for $3.99 overnight FedEx. Seriously, it probably cost them more to ship it than we paid.

Other things, like I mentioned the MLB.TV, are a per month or per year purchase. Some of it is free, like Crackle, but every once in a while they stick in an ad or two. Hulu is free or you can pay for Hulu Plus for more extensive and current selections.

Beyond that Apple via iTunes and Amazon offer content you can buy or rent. Like a movie might be $1.99 or something like that. Same with TV, you might buy it by the episode or get a season subscription.

So, bottom line, once you've bought the box you can theoretically be done with the expense but your selection is limited. It's not impossible to do that, but you probably will end up paying something eventually. The nice thing is you can pick and choose a' la carte.
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