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Here's my trip report:

At about 8am I arrived at the Georgetown Visitor Center to find KC0OTP already waiting for me. As we sat and chatted a few others showed up, and then Cynthia Neely from the Georgetown Trust for Conservation & Preservation came over and introduced herself. She had heard that we would be up there for the day and wanted to let us know what has been going on with the Santiago Mill and the Santiago Mill Stewards (SMS). I have more posted HERE, but basically the Santiago Mill is on USFS property, and in order to keep it open the SMS will be having work days to rehab the mill (they are the ones that put a new roof on this past winter) and maintain it against vandalism etc. I will be added to their email list for notifications of activity, and will pass that along to the club. If you have a specific interest in the Santiago Mill, please let me know and I'll forward your email to Cynthia so you can be added to the list.

Or, how's this: Email and let her know you heard about the SMS through Rising Sun.

Okay, so we met everyone up at the Argentine Trailhead at 9am, and after airing down, introductions, and signing paperwork, we had about 15 trucks lined up at the TH!

1. Ed Russell
2. Rob and Diane
3. Ken
4. Mike & John
5. Gary +1
6. Dan
7. Justin & Ashley
8. Jackson +1
9. Tom
10. Luke
11. Steve +2
12. Chris +1
13. Tim & Bruce
14. Matt
15. Art
16. Dave & Idelle
17. Travis
18. Brian + 1
19. Me

We did a new thing this year, in that we raffled off a Rising Sun logo'd Trasharoo bag to a first-time RS cleanup participant! I think this offered great incentive for folks to come out and help the cause, and was glad that we put this together. The winner of the Trasharoo was Diane Payne, and both she and her husband, Rob (A Ghost to Most), were very appreciative! But then it got better - because we had so many new participants I decided to raffle off a second Trasharoo! Rochelle Wilson helped pick the winning ticket, and (coincidence? ) it happened to be her dad, Beach Boy!

So off we went - I tasked Ken Davidson with checking out the sofa near the beginning of the trail while we went up to meet with nakman and company at the trail junction. Once we got to the Adopt a Road sign Mike Davidson led a good portion of the group up the wagon road. We decided to divide and conquer since there were so many of us on the run.

The rest of us continued up the main road and stopped to put a new poster on the STT sign. Mike and company headed up the south side of the valley and found the road closure on 248.1A.

A huge thanks goes out to Dave and Idelle for preparing lunch! They did an awesome job and everyone had a smiling face come lunchtime!

After lunch a few people bugged out and we headed back up towards Waldorf. We had to work our way by the TacomaWorld guys ( were having a run the same day up there, and then had a group shot at Waldorf. We took a section of the wagon road that doesn't get much use (above the main road for the last 1.5 miles or so to Waldorf), so that was fun.

A few more folks took off, and our group headed up to the Santiago Mill. We hung out there for a while and checked out the hammer mill and ball mill that I now recognize since I've had to spec that same equipment out for projects recently.

A few more folks took off, and we headed down to the cabin. Glad we did, as we found a ton of garbage there that needed to be cleaned up.

The weather started looking for real like it was going to rain on us, so I put my windshield back up and we boogied on down to the trailhead. We picked up the couch on the way out and headed to Beau Jo's for dinner, where treeroot enamored us later into the evening with tales of cheap FJ25 parts and disappearing pistons...

I am so glad we were able to divide and conquer. For some reason it seemed like there was more trash than usual and it was really good to split the work. Having the extra hands really made a big difference.

Thanks so much to everyone that came out, and as always, if you are interested sharing in the Land Use duties in a little more personal way, let me know!

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