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Default How to pick a 100 series... or an 80?

Hi friends, I am officially stepping into the deep end and in the early stages of looking for a 100 or an 80... this is my first decision to make.

I am blown away by the prices of the high mileage 100's but I have a gut feeling it is a better fit for my family. We have 5 now, and we hope to pull a pop up. This rig will most likely become my do-all daily driver weekend warrior road trip machine... so I am thinking of a 100 or supercharged 80. I have a wild hair to track down a decent 55 and do a powertrain swap, but that's much more dreaming than reality.

Budget will be about $15,000 +/- a few grand and hope I can buy one already mildly built up, or build it up over the next few years as funds allow.

I can buy a mildly built 80 with the $$$ to bolt up a blower for about the price of a low mileage stockish 100... at least my initial numbers and research seem to show this. It seems that mildly built 80's are hovering around $5-10k and stock 100's are closer to $10-20k.

What say you? 100 or 80 and why?
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