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So my cruiser is a funny gal, right before I switched to the 4 speed my 3 speed tranny started to crap the bed. Now I ordered a new tundra and am suppose to take delivery around the first of July and I think my rear end is going out.
She's mad at me, I know it.
I have developed a clunk while in gear that only happens if I let off the pedal quickly or hit the throttle quick also. It just makes that noise 1 time everything I do those actions previously mentioned. The sound was coming from the rear end area. But to be sure I dropped the DS and ran her in 4wd; no clunk. I inspected the DS and the u-joints seem fine but I'll replace them just because. So I reattached the DS and went for a drive. Now "wtf" the noise is gone!? Now all the bolts on the DS were tight, I didn't have to fight them off but I couldn't twist them off by hand. Could of it been that one of those bolts just wasn't tight enough? This seems like too easy of a fix, really.
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