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My mobile is a Yaesu FTM-350 paired with a Diamond NR73B NMO antenna. Antenna is currently mounted on the driver's side front corner of my roof rack. I'm using the Diamond K550 antenna mount which lets my fold down the antenna if needed. It isn't motorized but I can reach it by sticking my hand out the window. I got the 350 so I could have APRS functionality and it gives my wife some piece of mind knowing she can look up my location on a web site.

I've got the main unit of the 350 mounted under the driver's seat and I hacked up a mount for the faceplate. I put it up on the roof just above the rearview mirror. I don't normally leave the mic plugged in all the time as I don't have anywhere convenient to store it. I need to go see if I can find a clip to clip it the visor or something.

For an HT, I have the Yaesu FT-270. I swapped out the rubber ducky antenna for Diamond's RHF40. There was a significant improvement in range and since the antenna is flexible, I can fold it up and still have it fit in either my ski or mtn bike pack.

Programming a Yaesu on the actual radio is like descending into the 7th circle of hell. Definitely pick up the the programming software and associated cables from RT. HRO carries them. This will make your life much easier until you make a change on the radio, forget and then sync it with the software blowing away the addition you just made and scratching your head as to why the APRS is no longer working. Not that I've ever done that or anything...

I have maybe a dozen or so frequencies and repeaters programmed in. Evergreen and Thorodin can get busy and it's fun for me to just listen. I learn a lot that way. I've tried to program in repeaters that will give me coverage wherever I may take the truck so I also have a few added for the Durango/Telluride area.

Forgot to add. The RT software is Windows specific so if you're a Mac person, like me, you have to wade into the world of virtual machines to make it work. It's not that difficult, you just need a copy of VMWare Fusion or Parallels. Since my day job has me working in multiple VMs pretty much constantly, I'm more than happy to offer help in getting that set up if anyone needs it.
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