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Gotta say, Matt has been such a WONDERFUL steward of the RS Land Use effort over the last 8+ years on Argentine!

And, thanks to everyone else who pitched in on the clean-up effort. There seemed to be a lotta trash this year!

Sorry, don't have any unique pictures to post. Idelle & I we're just so happy that we could help contribute to the club's effort up there.

We met "Fred" Saturday afternoon, he owns the old cabin between the lower creek crossings across from where we were camped (GREAT GUY!). We took a few minutes to explain to him about the club's efforts in the area and afterwards he was very appreciative of them. He's had several issues over the years with guys "mud bogging" near the upper-lower creek crossing on his property. I explained we were not in the same "crowd".

My son Zach and his GF Alex arrived about 7:30 PM Saturday night and we went back up Argentine to a huge snow drift about 1 mile beyond the mine site we visited earlier. We drove nearly 50 miles on the trails over the 2 1/2 days we were up there!

Idelle & I had so much fun, we stayed over Sunday night too! Man it was quiet up there...just one other guy in his Ford Escape (he didn't attempt the lower creek crossing) camped up the trail about 1/4 mile.

Its so great to be able to get away so close to the city! You need to do this if you haven't already!

Most times. but not this past weekend!
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