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Originally Posted by smslavin View Post
Forgot to add. The RT software is Windows specific so if you're a Mac person, like me, you have to wade into the world of virtual machines to make it work. It's not that difficult, you just need a copy of VMWare Fusion or Parallels. Since my day job has me working in multiple VMs pretty much constantly, I'm more than happy to offer help in getting that set up if anyone needs it.
Yes, please. All I have currently is a Bao-Feng UV-5R. I've managed to program in a few simplex frequencies and even got the Colorado Connection to work after lots of trial and error and some help from Marco.

I have the programming cable and supposedly you can get CHIRP to run on the Mac, but I can't get it to work. Perhaps I'll have more success with running it through a windows emulator...

So, what's a good, cheap windows emulator that will work for this?
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