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Originally Posted by farnhamstj View Post
I guess it's more of a ticket than a pass. But is one of my fav's in the summer. I really enjoy the people watching, poorly executed tattoo's, and women with no business wearing bikini's, all sunburnt toward the end of the day.

On a more serious note. Did Wearyman's, Ptarmagin, McCalister a couple days ago. Really pretty.
Columbine are going off right now.

Kimmel, you got me dreaming of Taylor park.
LOL, ok we need a Rising Sun gang day at WW... Hey funny you mentioned Ptarmagin, Mccallister cause after PramJockey's post I was checking that out as a potential and wondering if you would show me around that area. Any interest in running that again maybe Friday the 5th or Sat the 6th?
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