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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
My opinion is 80's are better for dirt performance. 100's are better for paved performance. Dirt performance is 4x more important than paved performance, so I weight that ratio accordingly meaning if you're 80/20 paved/dirt then you are right on the fence (80*1 = 20*4). If you're realistic and know it's more like 90/10, then the argument is no brainer 100 series (90*1 > 10*4).

Adjust the "dirt weight variable" and paved/dirt ratio to your liking, and viola there's your next truck.
See, I'd not really say that's the case, personally. Knowing Drew, he's into a scenic drive without a lot of stress. The IFS on the 100 is going to ride a ton better, and handle better, than the 80 can on fast dirt, and you gotta get the thing up some pretty serious stuff before the suspension and drivetrain of the 80 is going to be so much better to make up for the pavement compromises.

And, I seriously doubt very many of us here who DD our rigs EVER see an 90/10 split. To be generous, you have to count days where you wheel at all, and not miles. You'd have to spend 36 days on the trail in a year, which most of us sadly cannot do (though I wish). I think most of us are at best 98/2, or maybe 95/5. (6-18 days of good wheeling a year).

By mileage, it would be a minuscule amount. I drive 20k miles a year in my truck. I'd have to put in 2000 dirt miles to hit a 90/10 split.

Just sayin....

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