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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
How sure are you that you installed the coax connector correctly? It's easy to mess those up, not enough heat and you get no solder flow, too much heat you melt the coax dielectric and ruin it.
Thanks for the reply Dave, I forgot to mention the radio has a WX channels pre programmed, and got one channel before I re-soldered the connector. I didn't try to get the same channels after I re-soldered the connector.

When I scanned, I figured there would be plenty of radio action to stumble upon someones transmission.

I'm assuming I have the connector correct because I get decent ohms from the center pin, and the antenna center connector, and remains open if I try to check ohms from center pin to the ground (outside) of the same connector. If I check the ground side of the antenna connector to the tub, I get continuity.

I'll lock in to some of the frequencies you listed, and will listen.
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