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Default HAM HELP at Courage Classic Bike Tour

As some of you know, my wife is in charge of The Courage Classic Bike Tour in Summit County. Typically the tour starts and ends in Leadville over three days.

The tour directors and staff communicate via Ham radio, set up by experienced ham operators who volunteer to ride with the tour directors and set up repeaters, etc. Due to Leadville high school being renovated this year, the entire tour is running out of Copper Mountain and is forcing two separate rides on Saturday, one around the copper triangle, and the other going to the top of Ute pass. Because of the two separate rides on Saturday, she is short about five ham volunteers this year to handle the two separate routes.

If any of the more experienced ham operators would like to volunteer, there is lodging provided in Copper Mountain Fri and Sat night, July 19th and 20th. I believe the lodging is somewhat dorm style, but it is right in the heart of Copper Mountain.

Here are the requirements passed along by one of the hams that volunteers every year:

50 watt radio
2 meters
Apers for mobile
HT portable hand radio
GPS modem /computer laptop
Another 50 watt if they do the GPS modem

This stuff doesn't really mean much to me, since I am not yet a ham operator, but is probably simple stuff? Volunteers will also get all meals free and a tour t-shirt.

If anyone is interested in spending an early Saturday morning and afternoon volunteering at the tour, PM me. I can get more info if necessary.

Thank you!

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