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Gamiviti is about the best option for Tacoma fender mounts, just requires some slight custom fitting. Head & shoulders better than generic ones. They work best with NMO mounts.

But even though they are designed for Toyota, they will still flex a little and rub the paint on the hood. I put a piece of tape over the edge as a rub strip until I get around to drilling the hole in the roof. The thought of snaking the coax just makes me procrastinate for some reason...

Why have you decided on the TM-D710? Just curious if you're planning on using it for APRS since it's a lot of radio and the price reflects that. I run the FTM-350 in the old truck and have been seriously considering doing the Kenwood in the Taco. But you're talking $550 for the radio + $125 for the GPS-710 just to start (if you can even find the GPS-710, a lot of places are backordered). I really wish Yaesu hadn't discontinued the FTM-350 already. :-(
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