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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
I settled on the TM-D710 because I really wanted to be able to to cross-band repeat, would like to be able to do APRS eventually (and easily), and it gets really good reviews on
FYI, the cross band repeat function in most radios is not legal to use in the U.S. since it does not self identify. You can use it in half duplex as a range extender on TX but you must not allow the radio to repeat the other way. The Kenwood TM-D710 and TM-V71A both support half duplex cross banding, so good choices from that perspective. The Yaesu radios also do cross band but only full duplex, so you have to mess around with odd offsets to make them half duplex. It's actually not as useful because of the half/full duplex thing. Plus even the Kenwoods don't support remote controlling channels to shut down a stuck repeater. It's very easy to get a radio into an endless loop where it continually keys itself from the repeater tail, which is why most repeater owners explicitly say not to use cross banding with their machines.
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