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Rode over Pearl last summer in mid August and the snow field would have been impassable to vehicles. We walked our bikes over.

But you can just check here:

Pearl Pass Gunnison/Gunnison 970-641-0471 Partially open 6/23/13
6/23/13 - Deep snow blocks Pearl Pass rd. approx. one half mile above the Taggert - Wilson huts. This is blown-in snow which is probably seven feet deep on the high side of the road. Although the snow in general is melting quickly,this pile and the next two along the way are likely to block passage for 4 more weeks. Travel any further will require many, many hours of digging snow with a shovel.

5/12/13 - From the Aspen side,where the winter gate at Ashcroft was recently opened, I was able to get past the 7 campsites to the creek crossing. There is snow covering the road in random piles of varying depths, but most of them were fairly compacted and I was able to stay on top with soft tires, chains and lockers. Snow is very deep beyond the creek crossing. With depths of chest deep on the high side, and knee deep on the low side, the drop-off into the bottom of the creek is a very dangerous situation. Travel beyond the creek crossing is not advised at this time as there is no where to turn around.
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