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Default Camper gas orifice

Long story short... Bought a fancy Norcold N300R refrigerator from a guy off of CL only to find out that it doesn't work on propane above 5,500'. Norcold doesn't sell a "high altitude kit" and their customer service is seriously lacking!!! Their recommendation is to run the refrigerator on 110v a/c at elevations above 5,500'. Unfortunately, I live at 5,280' (Denver) and all my camping is up into the Rockies, the more remote the better and certainly without a/c. At any rate, I originally adjusted the gas psi higher then realized that I'm going the wrong direction... There's less O2 up here. Tried turning the gas back down but no bueno. My next step is to solder the orifice closed and re-drill a smaller opening. From internet searching it sounds like you need to drop 1 drill bit number for every 2000' of elevation gain. Norcold will not give up any info regarding BTU’s or initial elevation setting but I’m guessing they set it at 2,750; dead nutz in the middle of 0-5,500’. Based on my shade tree knowledge, I'm thinking that ultimately I'll end up two, maybe 3, drill bit sizes less than where I'm at right now for 8,800'. Does this seem plausible?
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