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Originally Posted by Shotshell View Post
So I'm curious, whats the process you use for shooting lightning? I've always been interested. But never got around to learning about it.
Years ago, I got some incredible shots of lightning with a film camera. I used the B exposure (open as long as you have the button pushed) and the F-stop almost closed.

The thing that made it work for me was to count the time between strokes of lightning. I would see a flash where I was aimed, then start counting. If I got to 20 for the previous one, I would count to 18 and open the shutter. Most of the time, I caught a lightning stroke within a second or two, and then I released the shutter.

I think lightning needs a certain amount of time to build up the charge. If you wait until it is almost ready, based on prior events, you can catch some good shots.

A tripod or a steady rest is a must. I used the porch rail and some props back then.

Good Luck, and post what you catch!
- Jim

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