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Default 40's Only Run 2013

Time to plan another 40's Only Run!

I had to cancel the 2012 run due to a knee injury and surgery, but hope we can pull together a few folks and FJ40's in 2013 to carry on the tradition.

I would like to repeat our 2011 trip and run Argentine Pass. I think we could also add a bit of clean up along with the run as part of the clubs adopt-a-road effort.

As always, this is a run for anyone with a 40 series. If you don't have one, please feel free to join us at the meetup place and jump in as a passenger.

We'll meet at the Georgetown visitor center at 8:00, Sunday August 4th. We'll run the trail, do some clean up, have lunch and should be back to town at a decent time. I always like going back over Guanella pass to 285 for some extra scenery and avoid I-70.

Argentine Pass
Sunday August 4th
Meet at Georgetown visitors center at 8:00
40's Only


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