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Default Antenna recommendations for a 40?

I am looking to add a HAM 2m antenna onto the 40 to compliment my new Yaesu 2800m radio. I would like to add it to my tire carrier, or to the front bumper, or to the side of the hood.

Suggestions? I don't want to mount it in a way that limits the benefits of the HAM reception but the order above is my preference. If it is on the tire carrier, then I have a couple of feet to work with before I drag it into my garage sill.

If I put in on the front bumper then I have about 4' of space, if I mount it onto the hood then I have about 2.5' of clearance.

I am trying to get up and running for less than $200, I dropped $100 on the radio. So I have about a $100 for the antenna, cable and fittings. Thanks!

While I am asking noob questions, can a guy run CB, Radio, and HAM all through the same miraculous antenna... if so, I do want!
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