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Default buzzing antenna

Today we were on 285 in the middle of South Park driving along in the 60 when one of the bikes was about to fall off so we pulled over...

It was pretty stormy and had been raining on and off with some big clouds, but no visible lightening or audible thunder.

I hopped out to re-attach the bike to the hitch carrier and realized that the 2 Meter antenna on the back driver's corner of the roof was buzzing loudly and vibrating. It sounded like the noise was coming from the tip of the antenna.

I assumed it was static buildup and that a lightening strike was eminent so I hurried up, hopped back in the truck and took off. I figured if lightening hi the truck we'd be better off in it than standing around it and that moving might be better. Anyways, nothing happened an we went about the drive.

Any ideas? The buzzing was about as loud or louder than High Voltage power lines buzz in the rain with a somewhat higher frequency. The radio was turned off and I checked it when i got back in the truck.

It was kinda freaky.
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