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Well here we go again. Looks like exactly 2 years later and I ripped a sidewall last Thursday, coming down the shelf road section of Last Dollar in Telluride. Corsair's old Toyo was ready to go, and happily ran Imogene Pass & Hancock pass on an extended trip home, along with a lot of highway time mostly 50 and 285. It's loud, but holding air. It hummed over 270 this morning on the way to work.

I bought the replacement certs. Discount is giving me a new tire for the one that's ripped. They're also giving me a new tire as a pro-rating on the other three... I'm at 11/32 now, they were 17/32 new, so only 3/16 in 25,000 miles? Man that's pretty good.. however in the last 6 months I've noticed the Duratracs have gotten louder, and the lugs on the sides are chunking now. I looked at 60wag's this weekend and his are a lot closer to new, and was reminisce of those tires when the lugs were clean and straight.

I toyed with the idea of trying something else today, but ultimately decided to just get more Duratracs. My out the door price on 4 will be around $600... only downside is I can't keep an old one for a spare, need to give them back to Goodyear to get the mileage credit. But maybe those sidewalls are weaker now somehow... back up goes Jeff's Toyo for more spare duty, and my new "Fierce" tire that I picked up in Telluride gets demoted to spare #2.

Here are the pics of the ripped sidewall.
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