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Spent a little over-due time this week with the camper. Got a few things knocked out that were on the list:

1. Relocated the propane hookup from the front to the back. This not only frees up valuable front deck space, but also takes a little more weight off the tongue. I had been tossing the propane inside the door until this. I used a HF receiver hitch that I welded on top of the new frame. Cut out the back side so the crank of the camper is now accessed through the receiver This serves as a place to mount a tank today, but ultimately will be just center support for a big piece of diamond plate over the top, which will become my new back bumper. But yes, I have 2 receiver hitches now.

2. Cleaned up most of the wiring, put it inside looms, etc., and mounted the battery. I'm still not convinced I want the battery in the center of the deck and not off to one side, but I did this in a way that's easily movable. I have quite a few attachment points that I've removed from trucks over the years, so was able to re-purpose a few of them for this. Made some backing plates from Simpson ties...

3. Added a few tie-down points to the front deck, including two on the old frame that now hold 2 bolts to secure my new ramp. HF had 2 ramps for $60 on sale so I snagged them, this is great as not only does it upgrade both of my trailers, but I'm able to use the ramp on the camper as my new access to the camper itself, since the stairs had been rendered useless. Once you get over the chicken house feeling, it's actually really stable and easy to use, took it to Argentine a couple weeks ago and the kids adapted easily. I shove the lip of the ramp between the old frame and new frame underneath, literally have to wiggle it for a couple minutes to get it out again... pretty slick.
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