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Default Got a fishing license today...

In May I renewed my driver's license, which had expired. The folks at Bass Pro said DOW requires them to seek alternative proof of residency any time a driver's license is less than 6 months old. huh? I had my fishing license from last year, with me, but that wasn't proof enough. So I had to walk back out to the 100 and get my vehicle registration, because for some reason that implies I've been a Colorado resident for longer?

I'm sure there's a good intention in here somewhere, but that just escapes me in the execution. Why hassle someone for renewing their driver's license? What's the big deal if you just moved to Colorado, you can't go fishing? And I wasn't really upset by it, but wow my second time at the counter I got to overhear another couple going through the same rigamarole, and man that guy was not happy..
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