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I've had the UV-3R and I have a couple UV-5Rs, but I haven't really touched them since I picked up my Kenwood TH-D72A! I know that's kind of apples to oranges, but if you don't have an HT they are good, however you'll most likely be buying something else (i.e. better) soon after. They make a hell of a backup though, so for $40 you really can't lose. The 5R is a great backup to my Kenwood since I can use some of the same accessories with it. The Baofengs ARE quirky with programming, etc, but once you get used to it they are fine. Have your manual/cheat sheet with you though...from the sites you'll find on the internet, not the factory one which sucks.

I'd probably cry if my ($400, used) Kenwood got run over. If the ($40) Baofeng got run over I'd just order another off Amazon.
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