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One of my local GoodYear dealers down here quit selling DT's to the oil/gas guys as they had way too many sidewall problems. I love mine in the winter, the way they look, ride quality etc... But the sidewalls are paper thin compared to anything else I've ever owned. I would assume they have more kevlar or something to get the "E" rating? I've never punctured a sidewall on any tire yet but I do have a couple cuts in my DT's sidewalls from somewhere? And I never wheel them? Where as I abuse my Generals and they show less sidewall wear. I air down to 12-18psi depending on the trail.

But in reality if you find a sharp rock it will probably cut any tire. And most of our trucks see far more pavement than trail. So it can be hard to run a aggressive heavy tire on a DD. I wish I had a 3rd set of wheels for a set of trail tires and could run a mild AT for DD duties. My Generals will be done by the end of this summer. I'm going with Toyo MT's next in all likely hood. That is the preferred tire down here for the oil rigs.
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