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That's "Devil's Slide". Got some books on the DNW&PRR / Denver & Salt Lake with pictures of it, and 200 ton Mallet locomotives pulling freight over it. On the WP side is a loop named Riflesight Notch, where the track goes over a bridge and out on a finger of rock, loops around, and comes back under itself in a tunnel beneath the bridge. That tunnel is long since collapsed.

Locomotive 210 lost a side rod, which took out its air lines & brakes, and then left the rails about the end of the ridge at the looparound, going about 60, flying over another locomotive on its way down the mountainside. It then exploded. There are pieces of it still in the forest, though it's been picked over pretty well.

As tidy as it would be to sum up the BWR controversy as Boulder County Liberals vs. law and conservatives, that would not be anywhere close to accurate.

It is closer to the truth to say, Friends of the Indian Peaks Wilderness incensed at obvious irresponsible damage visible on the BWR caused by motorized users who no only will not respect the closure, but do not respect the trail route. Right next to Wilderness. Couple that with the liability concerns about the natural gas line (imagine some kind of accident resulting in fire in the middle of the forest with THAT), and motorized users have successfully and collectively shot themselves in the foot on ever seeing it open.

All the issues are solvable, but at more cost than anyone wants to put into it. Then you turn motorized users loose on it, which is like herding cats.

A sellable scenario? Good luck with that. It is a terrible loss.

Too many people wanting to follow their own rules and their own sense of right and wrong. Motorcyclists have been at the top of the offender pile, and I know one person in particular who is at the very top.
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