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Thanks for showing up guys, sorry we went late but we crammed 5 hours of material into 2-1/2.

Here's a PDF of the slides we went through last night:

We rolled through the last few pretty quick, so review them and feel free to post questions or we can discuss them at the next class.

I packaged the slides I think we need to get through next Tuesday:

There's a lot of material to cover again, but I think it should be less dry because we're talking about radios instead of science and engineering.

I went ahead and bundled the slides for the third night. I figure we'll push them quickly because it's mostly rules, shouldn't be a lot of explanation.

FWIW, I built a presentation that I was gonna use if we couldn't get the ARRL slides. Looking at it I think it might still be useful since it does mention test questions specifically and is less technical. If you want to have a look it's here:
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