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what I run, i've been exceptionally happy with all of these.

Mountain Hardware Litewedge 3.

This is the go-to car camping tent. i've had it for 14 years and its still going strong. I lost count of how many days i've spent in this thing a decade ago and its never let me down. roomy, reasonably lite for a large tent. my wife and I use a queen size air mattress in it. just got done sleeping in it for 9 days in wyoming.

MH no longer makes this exact tent, but snap it up if you find one used. The current model Drifter 3 looks like an update of this.

Mountain Hardware Trango 2 and 3.

These are my expedition tents, and overkill for anybody not actually in the $hit. but... if you want to spend the dough, don't mind a bit of weight, and want bombproof security, they are awesome. Used them in Alaska, the Karakorum, Canadian Rockies, MI UP in winter, Cacades in winter and ice climbing on the north shore of lake superior.

MSR Hubba 2p.

Great lightweight two person tent for when you have to pack it in and aren't expecting epic weather. great for backpacking or climbing when you want an actual tent, split between two people it packs down to the size of a grapefruit and can be stuff in a camelback.

Black Diamond/Bibler I-Tent

lightweight four season mountaineering tent, just barely big enough to fit two tired hungry climbers. if we are way up high and actually intend to spend a couple of nights, this is the one we take. very warm, but can be prone to condensation, big enough to provide shelter, but not much comfort.

bivy sacks:

I have a couple of different BD sacks, if you are solo, or wanting to go extra lite and don't really need the company, this is an awesome option. i've never hiked a tent into the rockies on a climbing mission, the tent stays next to the car and i just do the bivy sack. if i'm in the backcountry with the boys... its bivy sack time. with my wife... bust out the MSR.

overall opinion: be realistic about your needs. 99% of what everybody does is car comping, buy a nice large reliable tent that will last you a long time. skip the hype and debate. I might consider a hilleberg for when its time to replace the MH litewedge... but honestly its probably not worth the significant up-charge and we've still got years of service to go on this thing.

beyond a solid car camping tent... everything else is a specialty item and its going to sit in the basement unless you NEED that specialty.

also, absolutely DO NOT discount the awesomeness of the bivy sack for actual backcountry use. my favorite setup is a BD Twilight Bivy combined with a MH ultralamina 35 bag and 3/4 length thermarest pro lite. all together this weighs about 2 pounds and fits in the bottom of your pack, sets up in 2 minutes and i sleep like a baby. if the weather is bad enough for this to not be comfortable, its probably time to hike out and go home.
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