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Originally Posted by Uncle Ben View Post
He wants close-able vents. I have that same model and it is a great medium /small tent.
Try this out to regulate venting with the rainfly:

on the bottom side loops of the rainfly, rig up an 18" long stretch of cord with a peg tied permanently on the end. (i like the msr groundhogs).

in warmer conditions, pull these side pegs out to stretch out the fly sideways and pull it away from the main tent body. unzipping the top of the door on the rainfly also helps keep a breeze through it.

in colder conditions, thread the pegs down through the side loops on the bottom of the main tent body, and again stretch them out sideways. this pins the fly down to the main tent body securely and really seals up quite well.

during shoulder seasons where -maybe- i would have wanted an actual winter tent this has worked very very well. a good example is our annual thanksgiving climbing trip at indian creek. we've had it get subzero in the dead of the night, and close to 80 when sleeping in the next day. its been great.

i've just found the tents that i can fully close up (like the MH trango's) to be completely insufferable if the weather is actually nice, even with the vents open they just don't vent well enough.

we took the Trango 2 up the liberty ridge route on rainier and it just cooked us when the sun came out. it was like a greenhouse.

no surprise UB has one of these, the man has good taste and lots of toys.
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