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Default Red Cone July 20, 2013

It turned out to be a fun run with beautiful weather. Started off a bit interesting as the Conoco was closed due to a fire or something inside, maybe a power outage. Noticed it was open on the way home.

While we were waiting for everyone to show up, many classic cars drove by us on their way to a car show in Bailey. It was nice to watch.

We hit the trail and started up. There was an area that had washed out and Sarah popped a bead on one of her tires. Doesn't look like it was damaged, so should be an easy fix. We replaced the tire and she drove out of the rut.

Then a motorcycle was trying to make its way around us and kept falling down. He ended up falling over and damaging Stan's front bumper with his feet. He was in over his head. He ended up going back down and waiting for us at the entrance to Webster pass to exchange info with Stan so he could take care of the damage.

We had lunch in the meadow under a bright sun and warm weather and then proceeded to the top. There was another dirt biker who seemed to be in over his head on the way up.

As you make your way out of the meadow and can go left for more challenging and right for easier, Stan heard a noise as he went through the challenging route. After making it to the top he noticed a clunk when he got up to above 10 mph. He was still driving ok so we wanted to see if we could get to pavement before we started working on his truck.

We came to the entrance to Webster and there was too much snow to make it through. Everyone wanted to skip the mess on I-70 so we grabbed pic and shovels and cleared enough snow to get by. Dave Kaiser spotted me through as I was the largest vehicle and that would mean everyone else could make it through

We returned to 285 via Webster

We then started looking at Stan's truck. I drove it a bit to check it out. It always made a clunk with the rotation of the tires. When you applied gas the torque would make the clunk louder. When you popped it into N, it would make the clunk softer, but not softer then in gear without gas.

We placed it up on jack stands and the front diff would move when you moved the tires. Didn't seem right to us. Stan removed the drive shaft and it still made the clunk. He then removed the drive flanges and the clunk went away. He was able to motor home at normal speed with the center diff locked.

We are not sure if the diff got loose (Has diff drop kit) or the front diff broke some teeth. The 100 series is known for a weak front diff gear, that's why many of us put in a front locker. The locker itself makes the diff very stout.

I know Stan feels beat down, but they guy who damaged is fender is going to fix it and he now has an excuse to install lockers and still has a drivable truck in the mean time

All in all a good day wheeling. I did forget my camera, so these pictures are from my iphone. I know there are better ones out there

I made some new friends in the club

We had 7 trucks
Sarah and Jacob in her 100
Dave Kaiser
Tom Bourne and his wife
Travis (Shotshell)
Stan (Fishy)
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