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It wasn't the most fun I've ever had. The dude on bike was cool for driving all the way around on Webster and waiting for me. He said he took down my plate info after I drove off. We had agreed to meet up at the meadow to exchange info, but he said he was too beat down to continue. He fell into my truck, then fell on the trail. I helped him up and back on the bike.... But he decided not to go on. It was a real stand up thing for him to do.

After changing Sarah's tire in the dirt, I thought I would have made a nice deposit in the Good Karma Bowl..... But my truck clearly disagreed. Thanks to Dan and Travis for helping me and Romer for following me home.

This is the 3rd time I've pulled a driveshaft and flanges on a 100 as a trail fix, but the first time on my own truck. The 100 drives VERY different in 2wd. It's a "10 and 2" operation at 50+ mph down the canyon.

I did my best Uncle Ben impression with the drive shaft for a picture. I think Travis has it. I call it "Ode to UB"

I'm still not happy..... I was beat down today and I'm not looking forward to spending that kind of $$.
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