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Default Whine with small tires?

This is for my 80 - standard drive train with 4.88's and 35" tires. I took the 80 on a road trip last week, and since most of the driving was on pavement, I took off the 35's and installed my stock tires (31" p-rated Goodyears). Running this setup I noticed a significant whine that seemed to be more noticeable with higher speeds (70+ mph), and would fade or go away when I was coasting. It sounded like a gear whine, but my wife also speculated the bikes on the roof may be whistling in the wind (or a combination of both whistling and whine). But I took the bikes off when we got home and drove the truck to work the next day, and I still heard the whine. It's not the standard 80 tranny whine - this was much louder and noticeable.

Yesterday I put the 35's back on, and I drove it to work this morning. I didn't really hear any whine like we heard on the trip. And prior to the road trip I had never heard the whine.

So I guess my question is whether running the smaller street tires with my setup would cause a whine to manifest or become more pronounced?
- Matt
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