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According to Wayne up in Canada, the 70 series tie rod is perfect for a 40/55 housing w/ 60 knuckles:

Now I found some info in a thread over in the 55 section that included info about using 70 series rods when you put 60 knuckles on a 40/55 axle housing.

The thread:
The posts:

Originally Posted by crushers
40.55. 70 all share the same cross link measurement
sadly, the earlier 40/55 uses smaller ties than the later version.
you could swap a later 40 series front diff in (1981 and newer) and then the arms off the 70 series and you will have a bolt up cross link.
if you do that then you can add 60 series PS and you will now have the drag link from the 70 series that is the proper length and HD upper arms.
you can get brand new cross and drag links C?W ties from Toyota, this is what i did on the 42 for PS upgrade.
this way the only mods to the steering is the connecting from the steering box to the steering wheel.
just a suggestion.

Originally Posted by crushers
if you use 60 or 70 series knuckles then you can just order the 70 series cross links with ties and be done with it.

Originally Posted by crushers
yes, you can buy the complete cross links with ends from Toyota.
part numbers:
45460-69125 1 $412.69
45450-69075 1 $371.69

i didn't pay near that much for these ones ... sure is nice working with brand new parts that actually fit the first time.

Originally Posted by crushers
well, as discussed in the email, the cross link part number
45460-69135 1 $412.69
has the ends included and will work from arm to arm.
the other part number i posted comes with the ends but is too long ... i think ... for your application. it is for the 60 PS box, now, IF you can give me a measurement of the existing arm to crosslink hole then i can go measure what i have in the garage ...
in the pic you can also see the difference in strength between the 70 series arms and the 40/55 series ...
this is a 42 series axle.
hopes this helps.

Originally Posted by crushers
part number 45460-69135 tube is 42" with center of end at 48" with +/- 1" play
part number 45450-69085 tube is 30 1/4"" with center of end at 38" with +/- 1" play
so unless you go with 60 PS box, this relay rod won't work in your application.
hope this helps

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