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My favorite is the Ducati lawsuit:

As reported by the web site Ducati News, the lawsuit alledged that

"The plastic used in Plaintiff and class members’ fuel tanks is incompatible with the motorcycles’ fuel, which causes the tanks to rapidly degrade and deform and leads to a number of unsafe conditions. Among other things, as the plastic degrades and deforms, the fuel tanks interfere with the full range of steering, leak fuel onto the engine, and destabilize the motorcycle’s weight distribution – often to the point that the motorcycle cannot be safely operated after only a few thousand miles of use."

The tanks manufactured by Acerbis Plastics are also specified as original equipment in other European brand motorcycles such as Aprilia and KTM.

It is not clear what is causing the issue although there is speculation that small proportions of ethanol blended with gasoline in the United States may be the culprit.

I saw it in my small engines first. The hoses collapse and the little bits get stuck in the engine. If you let it go long enough, the hose falls apart.

Napa carries a new red hose that is rated for ethanol. The parts guy mentioned to me that Napa made the change to prevent being sued for fuel line failures.

Gates has a greenshield:

I fast forwarded it to the Ethanol part:

GoodYear lists marine applications and hoses for E85 pumps:
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