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Originally Posted by OilHammer View Post
A tundra is huge, and the leafs in back are not the way I would want to go. Personally, if I was going to build a stretch 40 with a modern drivetrain, I would be looking for a rolled GX470. You get a V8, coils, longer, but not too wide, ATRAC, etc. You can buy a custom stretch body from aqualu to fit the frame, and then try to swap the harness, booster, pedals, pretty much everything from the donor on over. If you are dead set on a solid axle, then it shouldn't be too bad at that point, but I think I would run IFS for a bit to try it out. I'm pretty sure an aluminum 40 with no top would be substantially lighter than the GX, which should make for a pretty stout drivetrain.

Some fun figures:
GX470 4,800lbs
LX470 5,590lbs
FJ cru 4,290lbs
FJ40 3,263lbs

Comparing the GX to the FJ, you can see that all that insulation, heavy seats, and gadgetry add a whooping 500lbs! I would guess and alu 40 might drop that curb weight somewhere around 3,800 lbs, which would make it a ROCKET.
This would be a very cool rig, but by the time you finish hemorrhaging cash you could buy almost any luxury SUV out there. But its all about the journey, right ?
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